Thursday, July 19, 2007

Japanese Publicity? Yes please!

Many thanks to the kind user who posted EGv8 on this Japanese site: He provided his own screen-shot, which you can also see here. Looks like he's almost through with level 7. Also, the Google translation of the page is hilarious.

Our game's description:
"The game which keeps defeating the child who crowds intently."


This puts Japan right behind Germany in my mind. Now if we can only get some more traffic from that site.

Anyway, we are thrilled to see others advertising/publicizing our game. If you want to link to our website, please do so. If you like the game, tell other people. We love seeing the number of hits on our homepage go up, and bigger numbers motivate us to work faster and release sooner. So if you want the next version soon, you'd better tell your friends.

Until next time, keep eating!

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