Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Coming Soon v0.4

Monday July 30th is the day you have all been looking forward to. We will be releasing v0.4 of "EGv8: The game which keeps defeating the child who crowds intently". This release will contain a number of new features and bug fixes.

- New kid animations.
- Additional kid types, we now have basic, fast, strong, and fat kids.
- The much anticipated taco power up.
- A new gas attack.
- Sounds, sounds, and more sounds. Many of them recorded by Evil Greg himself. That's right folks. We managed to get EG into the recording booth at last.
- An inventory system so you can collect those power ups for later use.
- A menu system for the inventory system and for game options.
- Additional levels.
- And more!

- The Level 5 spawner bug that you have complained about has been uncovered and fixed.

Wow!! We have been busy!

There isn't much time left for the v0.3 contest. Please send in your results before the release date or you will miss out on great rewards.

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